Part 3: Deploy a 2 Node Shared SAS 2016 Storage Spaces Cluster

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Welcome to part 3 of the Server 2016 Features Series.  In this deployment, VM storage will be provided to our Hyper-V cluster by means of Scale-Out file server shares (in advance of creating our Hyper-V cluster). This guide will take you through the deployment and configuration of a 2 node Shared SAS Storage Spaces cluster and the Scale-Out File Server role that sits on it. Here is a breakdown of the tasks that will be covered: Continue reading “Part 3: Deploy a 2 Node Shared SAS 2016 Storage Spaces Cluster”

Part 1: Deploy SQL Server 2016 Availability Groups

As I was about to start deploying a SQL server for use by VMM, I was reminded about how SQL is licensed when it’s for the purpose of hosting System Center databases. If you’re licensing your Hyper-V hosts with Cloud Platform Datacentre licenses, any SQL licences required for your System Center DBs are already covered.

With that in mind, I decided that if this was actually a production build, I’d build out a 2 node SQL AlwaysON cluster that uses Availability Groups for hosting all System Center databases.

The only database we will place here (during the guide) is the VMM database. For reasons I’ll explain a little further on, I had to go with the Enterprise edition of SQL, be aware though that only SQL Standard licensing is covered when using the Cloud Platform Datacentre licensing model for System Center. Continue reading “Part 1: Deploy SQL Server 2016 Availability Groups”

Server 2016 Features Series – Deploy and Configure

Hi folks,

Being fairly new to this whole blogging thing, it makes sense to start with something I’ve been working on recently.  With that in mind, I plan to kick off a series covering the following:

Part 1:  Deploy SQL Server 2016 Availability Groups
Part 2:  Deploy a Highly Available SCVMM 2016 Instance Step-by-Step
Part 3:  Deploy a 2 Node Shared SAS Storage Spaces Cluster
Part 4:  Deploy a 3 Node Hyper-V 2016 Cluster
Part 5:  Deploy and Configure the Host Guardian Service
Part 6:  Deploy and Configure Shielded Virtual Machines Using SCVMM
Part 7:  Expose Shielded VMs to Windows Azure Pack Portal
Part 8:  Server 2016 Software Defined Networking Overview
Part 9:  Deploy and Configure SDN Network Controller Service
Part 10:  Deploy and Configure SDN Software Load Balancer Service
Part 11:  Update, Backup and Restore SDN Environment