Azure Site Recovery: VMware to Azure

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In this guide series we’ll be going through all the necessary steps to replicate a VMware environment to Azure for DR purposes.  To achieve this we’ll be making use of the Azure Site Recovery service but before we get into things, let’s have a quick overview of the components of ASR and their place within the environment/solution:

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Part 7: ASR Failback to VMware

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Welcome back folks.  In the last part of this guide we ran through a failover of our VMware VMs into Azure and what we learned was that as with most things in tech, if you nail the steps that lead up to it, the process of failing over is actually pretty straightforward.

So we’ve only really got one last thing left to do to close our ASR loop, and that’s to failover our VMs from Azure back to our on-premises VMware environment.  As such, this will be a fairly short section as there isn’t much too this task.

So without further ado…

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Part 6: ASR Invoke Failover to Azure

Previous Post in Series:  Part 5: ASR Invoking a DR-Drill


Welcome back folks.  In the last part of the guide we ran through a test failover for one of our protected VMware VMs, in this section we’re going to run through it for real.  To make the guide a little more straightforward, we’ll make a few assumptions:

  • Our failed over VMs will not retain the same IP addresses that they have on-premises.
    • If our VMs needed to talk to each other, this would likely mean an update to DNS etc.
  • We’ll be connecting to our failed over VMs over RDP via a locked down Public IP address.
    • We’ll be setting up a site-to-site connection using the VPN gateway service.

The main tasks we’ll be running through will be, creating a Recovery Plan and initiating a planned failover.  With that our of the way, let’s crack on.

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Part 5: ASR Invoking a DR-Drill

Previous Post in Series:  Part 4: ASR Enable Replication for VMware VMs


Welcome back folks, in this part of the guide we’ll be running through a DR-Drill for one of the VMs we protected in the last section.  Feel free to extend this drill to include multiple VMs if you’re feeling fruity 🙂

A couple of things to note before continuing:

  • Did you make sure to enable RDP on the public profile?
    • Or are you connecting to the VMs over a VPN connection?
  • Did you apply all pending Windows Updates?
    • If not, these will be applied as soon as the VM comes up in Azure, locking you out from RDP for a bit

So assuming we’re all good, let’s continue.

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